(This is a student-run introductory programming class for biologists at UC Berkeley. The course was taught over a period of two weeks, 9am-5pm, with a one-hour lecture, followed by 2.5 hours of exercises, lunch, another 1-hour lecture, and 2.5 more hours of exercises.

It was co-taught by Leonid Teytelman, Jamie Fraser, and Dan Pollard. The first version of this class was started by Leonid Teytelman, Venky Iyer, and Jamie Fraser. It is now an annual summer course for biology graduate students and postdocs at Berkeley. For more information, feel free to e-mail Leonid Teytelman, teytelma "at" berkeley "dot" edu.)

1: UNIX and Perl 1

2: Loops and Conditionals

3: Patterns

4: Patterns 2 and Data structures

5: Files and Subroutines

6: Hashes and References

7: Command-line tools, Multi-dimensional data structures

8: Multi-d data structures 2

9: SQL, modules

10: Linux post-course, installing modules